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SPACE MIRROR MYSTERY.COM has been dedicated to the persons or astronomers who is researching in the field of space science or students who are studying the space science or persons who are interested to study the space research or  persons who are making documentaries, films, videos and news over space science.

This is a mission established on logic concept and invite you study carefully on contents of this web site and find out the real truth of the universe as well as the solar system, i.e. SPACE MIRROR. Space mirror is the hidden truth and super mystery of the space and creator of lots of mysteries. Unfortunately, we are unknown about space mirror and adopt the unnatural truths/mysteries, i.e., asteroids, Milky Way, galaxy, supernova, white dwarf, nebula, black hole, extra solar system, etc. these are not real mysteries and creation into the space mirror. Since we are unaware about space mirror, and our space research has deviated from the real truth. When the world is aware of real truth and discover the space mirror, the aim of the mission will be fulfilled.


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