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Dear Reader,

Unless/until you have studied contains of web pages carefully, please abstain to read this page.

Many people believe in the existence of aliens. Some people also claim they have seen Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) in sky. Do you believe about alien and UFO etc.? Of course we believe above and find no irrelevancy on saying about UFO. Yet we have never seen any UFO in sky but from the information on different sources it seems that aliens know about the direct/connective root between their planet and our earth and using such root, they are visiting the earth and returning frequently.          

As per the theory of Space Mirror Mystery, it appears Sun is the only luminous body and it forms a magnetic field around of it and all the space objects including earth floating on it. For this reason we logically accept that our universe has a conclusive shape as biggest zero/sphere and there is nothing outside of it. As the inhabitant of earth we are able to see the real space objects of far distance space within the radius of 150 million kilometers only and next our eyes meet space mirror. Therefore it points out that a grandest part of our real universe disappearing completely behind the space mirror.

From the theory it appears another earth like planet exists on such hidden part of the universe and aliens are living there. It also appears that there has a direct/connective root between earth and aliens’ planet and through this root human being can travel such planet and come back safely.  

For traveling to aliens’ planet, we can use any flying object what we usually using in earth sky but economical and safety journey, flying object like UFO should be made. We expect also such flying object would not be as expensive as the space vehicles which were made to the missions of moon and outside of earth.

We invite all researchers as well as aviation companies to study the genuineness of space mirror theory for a prosperous research and attempt to made the flying object like UFO what would help man for traveling to aliens’ planet. If you require my help please write me at below address or fill the form contain in my offer page. 




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